Shocking moment young schoolboys threaten to kill while brandishing huge knife and screwdriver in bragging vid

TWO boys in school uniform were filmed making vile threats to kill with a large knife and screwdriver in a shocking video that will alarm every parent. In a disturbing example of how Britain's knife crime culture has infected the nation’s youth, the two schoolboys aged around 12 poured out a sickening tirade of abuse in street slang. One of the boys tucked a large blade with a yellow handle into his waistband before issuing death threats on film, saying: “I swear to God, I’ll f***ing meat you blud (sic), d******d.”

Couple’s £3k TUI holiday ruined after finding promised luxury hotel is still a BUILDING SITE

A COUPLE who forked out more than £3,500 for a luxury holiday to Greece fear they will have to cancel their trip after discovering their five star hotel hasn't been built yet. Laura Claydon, from Yorkshire, booked the plush hotel in Perissa, in Santorini, but was horrified to discover the hotel is still a building site. The 55-year-old was sent pictures by a friend on the island showing the derelict land with JCB diggers still working on the site of the Meltemi Blu.

PABLO ESCOBARMY - British tourist filmed snorting ‘cocaine’ off drug kingpin Pablo Escobar’s grave

A BRIT tourist appears to snort cocaine off the grave of drug baron Pablo Escobar in shocking footage obtained by The Sun. Ex-lag Steven Semmens is seen kneeling at the tomb in Itagui, Colombia. He gets out a bag of white powder and empties it onto the memorial stone before rolling up a $5 note. After leaning down and snorting the powder from the headstone, he turns to the camera grinning and says “I’m Gordon Ramsay mate” — referring to the TV chef’s documentary series on cocaine.

McDonald’s addict has eaten a chicken meal at fast food chain every day for nearly 25 YEARS

BIN man Danny Kelleher has eaten a daily McDonald’s dinner, including on Christmas Day, for almost 25 years. His daily diet consists of a McChicken Sandwich with fries, nine nuggets and a coke. And he said it has cost him relationships as no-one wants to go to McDonald’s with him every day. Danny, 29, said: “If I ever get a girlfriend she’ll have to work for McDonald’s.

Bird flu toll hits 40 in Queen’s Windsor swan flock as team of volunteers in biohazard suits collect bodies to prevent spread of disease

AROUND 40 of the Queen’s Windsor swans have now been killed by bird flu as volunteers in biohazard suits collected bodies. Around half the estate’s flock has been wiped out. Teams of masked rescuers were trying to stop the disease spreading further. Swan Support volunteers were called in as government scientists confirmed The Sun’s exclusive story.

Speeding trucker: My girl will dump me if I’m banned

A TRUCKER who faced a driving ban after being repeatedly caught speeding has kept his licence — because he said his fiancée might dump him. Jordan Cassidy, 24, faced disqualification after he was booked for a fourth time, travelling at 38mph in a 30mph zone. But the HGV driver, from Denton, Greater Manchester, claimed he would suffer ‘exceptional hardship’. He pleaded with Manchester magistrates: ‘If I can’t drive I’ll lose my job."

Mum in court over speeding offences clocked up by boyfriend days before he died

A young mother grieving for her boyfriend after he died suddenly has been hauled into court over two speeding offences he clocked up days before his death. Victoria Woodall's partner, Stuart Moxon, passed away unexpectedly in his sleep at the age of just 35. Distraught Victoria found out she was pregnant with his daughter a few days before his funeral. In the run up to his death, Mr Moxon had twice been caught speeding in the couple's Audi A4 car.

"I don't want to be 'Gypo Jack' no more' suicide man, 20, told mum

A hardworking young man killed himself because he feared he would never achieve he lifestyle he craved, an inquest heard. Jack Cropper lived with his devoted girlfriend and was part of a close knit family. But the 20-year-old desperately wanted a car, designer clothes and his own "whitewashed home with top notch furniture", the inquest into his death heard. He feared he would never be able to afford the life he wanted and vanished after telling him mum "I don't want to be 'Gypo Jack' no more".

Magistrate slams shoplifter who swiped £760 from Harvey Nichols

A TEENAGE shoplifter shamelessly punched the air just minutes after dodging jail for swiping £760 of goods from a Harvey Nichols store. Jobless Nafisa Akhtar, 19, escaped jail despite previously stealing £1,000 worth of goods from an Apple store and brazenly grinning in the dock as she pleaded guilty with pal Anashra Ali, 18. Magistrate Suzie O'Donnell blasted: "When was the last time you worked? Why haven't you worked since? "What possible explanations do you have? Why did you steal?"

'Party-loving' mum downed 10 pints and ran over motorist 'leaving him for dead'

A 'party-loving' mother-of-two who sank ten pints of lager on a night out mowed down a motorist and left him for dead as he tried to stop her stealing his car. Jessica Marron, 29, jumped behind the wheel of Joe Fishwick's Vauxhall Zafira and drove off in it after she got into an argument with the victim at an ill- tempered house party, a court heard. But as she reversed the car she ran down 24-year-old Mr Fishwick who was attempted to stop her getting away.

Doctor sent female junior 900 sleazy WhatsApp texts in a week

A DOCTOR bombarded a junior with up to 900 WhatsApp messages in a week-long bid to bed her, a tribunal heard. Julian Proctor, 36, sent pics and videos of himself showering and in his undies. The junior doctor, who is in her 20s, repeatedly told him she had a boyfriend, the hearing was told. But Proctor was “relentless” in his pursuit for sex, it is alleged. On one occasion he tried to hug her in a lift before slapping her bottom, it was claimed.
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